Anyone else a fan of Brian Cook's bass playing? In both Botch and TAAS he's a really solid player with great lines (eg Afghamistam, Horse Girl, etc).

I've read that he uses a lot of effects, but I haven't been able to find any info about his rig. Does anyone know what gear he uses?
I love both Botch and These Arms are Snakes, and there is definitely great bass playing. I'd like to see more bass tabs for those, so far I've only seen Afghamistam and Japam.

I have no idea about his gear though.
Hey man, I'm a huge fan of TAAS and Botch and of Brian Cook in general. When he plays with Russian Circles and TAAS he has these pedals hooked up to his pedalboard.

Fulltone OCD
Line 6 DL4
EHX LPB-1 Nano Linear Power Booster
EHX Little Big Muff
Akai E1 Headrush
Morley ABY Selector (To switch between guitar and bass amps)
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Footpedal Tuner

I confirmed this with him when I met him at one of their shows.

Here's some pictures:



Hope that helps!