Can any one guide me on this? basically i got a red and a black lead and im not sure where to put em do i put em on the connecters of the speakers?
Why are you measuring the resistance of your speakers?

EDIT: Nevermind, you're probably looking for the impedance. Umm, yeah I would imagine you would just connect the multimeter to the speaker connectors, black to ground and red to positive, if you know which is which.
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first, do you want to know the ohms of one single speaker or the whole cab?

put one of the connectors into the "com" (common) slot of your multimeter, and the other one into the slot that says "ohms/ or a greek omega". then turn it on and switch it to ohm-measuring mode.

then just hold each connector to the wires coming from the speakers. or try to find the +/- on the cab's jack
Ibanez K7
JCM 800
I get a reading of 14.7 from one and 15.5 from the other one

its a 2 x 12 cab

would they be both 16ohm?

so what output do i use on my amp to connect them? i have a 8 ohm output and a 16ohm

please help im a noob