So I was looking at the Epiphone Les Paul Jr Special, which despite having a long name is an incredibly cheap 100$ axe. There seem to be quite a lot of good reviews for this, but they're all along the lines of "LOL THRU MY MARSHALL MG THIS THING PWNS MY FIRST ACT", so i was wondering if anyone had tried one of these (I'm looking for a cheap beating guitar to upgrade), and if it would be worth purchasing if I were to switch out all the electronics/tuners.

If possible, I want to know if someone could tell me what "tonewood" is. It's obviously either plywood or some sort of random tree they found to cut down, so if anyone could tell me what they think of this, and if this would be worth the upgrade, I would appreciate.

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The LP special is not very good...actually it isn't even not very good, just plain not good. Tonewood is just whatever random bit of mood they had lying around at the time. Not worth even buying to upgrade.
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I have traumatising memories of the Epi LP special at my school, god i hate that thing.

It feels horrible to play with and just doesn't sound good.
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First, of all, NOTHING would be able to pwnd through a MG. And you could do a lot better than guitar. It has terrible everything. With the money you're going to spend upgrading it, it just wouldn't be worth it. You'd be much better of getting at LEAST an Epi Standard.

As for tonewood, here you go.
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He's not talking about the special, he's talking about the cheap Junior.

It is incredibly cheap, and its not a bad guitar, its just a bit "meh" at best. I have one, it actually feels like a nice guitar to play surprisingly enough, except at first the fretboard was a bit scratchy. I can get an okay tone out of it but the tuners are a bit crap and the pickup is muddy as hell - the guitar sounds better when its not plugged in, which suggests to me that a pickup/tuner replacement is in order.

Also, unless you are going to play it before you buy it, just DON'T. I've heard a lot of people say these are really bad guitars, i can't see what they mean from mine, but like most guitars at this price, they will all be very varied.

lol, i mean mine looks like it was built in a day - the humbucker screws are misaligned, whoever finished this guitar missed a spot, and it still got through quality control. that aside, its nice to play and thats all i care about, but they won't all be playable.
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