Ok, well first off, hi guys and girls. This is my fist post, but hopefully I don't completely act like a noob...

So, I'm getting a guitar body off of Ebay for project. A strat one, hopefully made by fender. But how do I know if it's fake or real?
Also, some of the bodies have 3 holes under the pickup holes, some have 1, some have none, if that helps. I'll be odering tonight, so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

link to the body?
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Quote by ML_Guitar09

The first link is for a licensed body.
The one hole in the second link is common to both Fender MIA (American) and MIM (Mexican) bodies.
The third one with the 3 holes occurs mostly on MIMs. Here's the quote from the Fender Forum by one of Fender staffers:

Quote by Ippon
The 3 holes are common to most recent MIM Strats.

From Ruben Miranda - Fender Staff at the Fender.com forum:

"... when the model calls for it, they're in there for mainly 2 reasons:
- Differentiate one similar shaped model from another at early guitar body processing.
- Use it as a major reference point for tooling usage in later processes, this way the bodies are kept dimensionally correct one after another.

Thanks for your interest, and we'll keep making guitars that you can appreciate and love!

In some MIA Strats, one hole is used.