I read that SRV acheived his overwound tone somewhere by putting the hot strat pickup in the neck position.

I am looking for a cheaper way to acheive that than to buy a set of Texas Specials, so would re-arranging the Bridge and Middle pickups into the Middle and Neck positions respectively acheive this tone?
Depends cheaper guitars use the same ones in all positions, and some will reverse the middle coild like your supposed to. Look at the wires on the back 2 will have the white and black the same the middle will be the opposite. And some guitars will have a hotter pickup in the bridge position to compensate for the lower string vibrations there. If you have a electric multimeter you can measure the ohms, it will give you a general idea of output. More ohms means more output. Another thing SRV does is use 12 guage strings makes a big difference in output. There is no kind of rule as to pickup output its whatever a company puts in a guitar. Thats one way to make em cheaper is to put crap pickups in. Or to use the same ones in all positions.