when i record my acoustic with the mic near the sound hole using mixcraft it sounds really quiet when i play back what ive recorded, and when i speak into it its fine. do u guys have any tips for me so i can hear my acoustic louder when its recorded
use a preamp first? i have a behringer tube preamp and that works well if you have a pickup first. that all cost $240 AUD. Wasn't originaly for guitar.
Download a program like audacity, put the guitar track into it and boost it.

What mic is it your using?
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dont laugh i just borrowed it off me mate (link below, the one for £7.99 at the top), its only a cheap one which is probably why its not working very well. I have audacity and i will try and boost it like u said, can u also boost with mixcraft as i am told it is a better programme, and how do u boost? i'll try and figure it anyway but if could explain it would be a great help and would it make a substantial difference, cheers

To boost just put the acoustic track into audacity and go to the side panel. There will be a little thing that allows you to boost or cut by +/- 15 db, and i dont know bout mixcraft, i've never used it.

Hmm, if it's picking up your vocals ok there shld be no reason why it doesn't pick up an acousit, there roughly in the same sort of frequency range. Try a different mic placement maybe
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For recording an acoustic guitar it is best to use a condensor mic. In the alternative you can use a good dynamic mic. I use a Shure SM57 for recording which is dynamic and does quite adequately. I also record with Audacity (free program). When you have recorded an acoustic you need to adjust the compression to: Threshold>-6db; Ratio>3.1 to 4.1; Attack>150ms; Release>400 ms. Gain>output should match output (gain setting not an option for Audacity). In the US a Shure SM57 will run you about $100. Don't know about the UK. Probably higher there. Use these settings and it will greatly improve the recording. You can also increase the volume on Audacity.

Good Luck!
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