hey guys.posting aftr a long time..dis is my first ever gnr song.since im not a singer dont go 2 hard on d vox.but still wud like 2 improve my singing.constructive criticism is appreciated.keep rocking.
It sounds like you get a tiny bit off rythym during the whistling part, but it still sounded OK. You play very well during the verse, and you're singing is actually pretty good. Maybe try singing a little louder though. I like the way you harmonize on "Patience." There also might be a tiny bit too much bass on the recording, but thats probably nothing you can help.

Anyways, good cover... real good job. I just saw Velvet Revolver last week and they did this song and it was awesome... one of the coolest moments in my life!!!

O and I know you aren't asking for crit on this but your cover of Creep is really good too... the only thing is your guitar might be a little out of tune... anyways, just thought I'd throw that in there.

Crit mine??

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