preferably the ones that has tabs here
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Gypsy Kings?
Double Talking Jive by Gnr has some Spanish sounding stuff in it.
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Peavey Delta Blues
+1 Santana

Allthough, it's more latin-american than spanish...
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+1 Santana

Allthough, it's more latin-american than spanish...

Yeah i thught that, but being in a latin strain, i didn't think it would be far off what he wanted
umm idk if you can get tabs here for them

but malaguana and i dont know how to spell this one but i think it juahedoes(wa- he- does
Romance in Durango by His Holy Bobness!
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Try "Sadhana" by Steve Stevens. It's off of the first "Sounds of Wood and Steel" soundtrack.
the opening to crazy on you sounds very spanish to me, besides that I will tell you what I tell all people who ask me about spanish sounding music: Learn the harmonic minor scale and the chords it can be played over and make it yourself.
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My dad played this when I was a kid in the sixties.I have no idea of it's history.Go to youtube and type in ag1960 and tell me what you yhink
in the song holy wars the punishment due theres a pretty good spanishy sounding clean solo, its a little difficult if your a beginner, but it sounds good played slow too.
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romance by anon is spanish sounding, if there is no tab here ill email you one its also the opening track to My Chemical Romance's first album.
its all just repeated fingerpicking with the occasional added bass note. fast right hand fingering. helpful?