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time, practice, scales, patience

plus - try to imitate guitarist you like learning from tabs or better listening to their music
- learn some licks then try to adapt them to your playing

this is all intended to get inspired and sooner or later create your own licks wile improvising
here are 2 way to begin with

1.listen to your favorite music and try to improvise and learn the solos and transcribing (don't use tabs for now ).
break down each solo to smaller licks.
2. try to improvise only on one string ,then only on another until you feel all the positions
then combine both strings
work your way up with pairs of strings until you get the whole neck.
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Learning the five "boxes" of the pentatonic scale helps immensely.

Not exactly - learning the theory of the pentatonic scale helps immensely...just learning the boxes doesn't really teach you much of anything.
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