i'm looking at this 600$ fender right now. Its and HSS placement, rosewood fretboard, its basically a fat strat but with sick looks(black headstock, custom pickguard,dome knobs).
Anyways I was wondering if this guitar will be much better then my yamaha pacifica 112 in terms of sound, playability and durability.

\and also is it possible to take a pickup already installed in a guitar and take it out and put it in a different guitar.?
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Yes, its gonna sound better than a Pacifica of course. And yea, u can take the Invader (if thats what u mean) out of the Pacifica and into the Fender.
Fender vs yamaha?!?!?!?

Dont even put those two together man1!


it will be much better

and yes,you can do that pickup thing
i would get a better pickup to put in it rather than an invader, but thats my opinion, you may indeed love that pickup, i however think its yucky.
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