umm... my friend and i just got a squire bullet but the head was split... (we decided not to ask) so we decided to just strip it down and just use the body and just build a new guitar, and we were wonder if we could put Fender Strat pickups on it. any opinions or anything would be nice and if its a bad idea all together... yeah.

I think, you might be wasting your money, if the woods not good, no matter what.
with all the work it would take, you might as well buy a new guitar.
yeah the sound quality between a squire strat, and a fender strat is mostly the wood.. it would probably sound a lot better if you had the squire pickups in a fender strat.... not that anybody would i'm just saying.
yeh you can put em in it, but like they^^ said its maby better to just grab that new guitar
well, im the friend that got the guitar and me and muster are putting it together
the the only split part in it is the head of the neck, but i put wood glue to hold it together temporarily
i researched the guitar, and i found out the wood in it is agathis(?)
would agathis wood sound good with fender noiseless 51 pickups?
its all about head presence and stage bangin'<br>
Agathis ain't that good really. And bullets aren't even solid wood if i'm correct. Just get a new guitar, you are holding the cheapest possible body in your hands at the moment, i think.