Yeah so anyway I was listening to some Led Zeppelin the other day and stumbled across The Rover on Physical Graffiti...

OMG this is an amazing song... Im serious if you haven't heard this song you need to do so now...

In my opinion it has the BEST solo ever in any song ever... Its just such an amazing song.

So anyway what im trying to get at is this is a totally awesome song, and if anyone else feels the same way and if there are other "hidden gems" out there that you love?
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There are tons from that album:

In the Light
Down By the Seaside
Night Flight
Ten Years Gone
The Wanton Song
Houses of the Holy
In My Time of Dying
Trampled Underfoot

To name a few...

But this really belongs in the "ONLY" Led Zeppelin thread, which is right on this page, so it shouldn't be difficult to find. Take stuff like this there.

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