this is my new 1974 fender jazz bass, i picked it up about an hour ago for $2500 usd, i got a good deal. the tone is awesome, thanx for all the tips telling me to go with a vintage fender, it really paid out.

i've been saving since i was 9 and now i'm 16, so ...and plus i sold a lot of old gear and other useless junk
than, unfortunally i can't play it for a while, i just got out of the hospital for major wrist surgery, i had to buy it before sum 1 else did, i can't wait till i get to play it.
wow dude a nice vintage 74 jazz bass AND a nice shiny new EMG loaded gibson sg. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=677406

my, we are rolling in it aren't we
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well i said i paid for the jazz with my life savings, and my whole family, like 25 people chipped in for the sg, cause its price was very high. i'm actually from a poor family...so yeah
congrats on a very nice bass. $2500 is about the going street price for a '74. it should hold it's value well. i loves those block inlays. very nice!!
What an incredibly beautifull guitar! Awesome! This is truly the mother of all basses.
(Excuse me, I'll have to reach for a tissue. Something's dripping from the edge of my mouth)
Not that I would call it a bargain, but wtf... This beauty will serve you for the rest of your live, while 2 1/2 grand is spent and forgotten in a blink of an eye.
captian insano.....black is awesome cause it give more to rock/metal feel of the guitar..though its a bit harder to keep clean from finger prints....i love it....i'm never gonna be seen with sumthing along the lines of a "hello kitty"...lol
Black rocks.
And it does everything else too. With this guitar you can line up in a country- blues- pop- or jazz band or whatever you choose. If you wipe off the fingerprints it will blend into a symphony orchestra just as naturally.
When it comes to guitars, black and natural wood are the two only colours that are above and beyond any taste or fashion. Anything else can look at some point out of place or out of time, but never this guitar.
Take good care of your wrist now, and you'll be happily playing it for many decades to come.
Good luck.