In a situation in which I playing by my self (no backing track) how does key influence phrasing?

For example If I phrase in they key of C does that mean the root note of my phrase should be C? What is the role of the C note when phrasing in the key of C?

Is it the case that all I am doing is moving the 1-3-4 shape around the fretboard, but can chose any root I want?
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Well it shouldnt really make a big difference, but I would SWEAR that it does. Its so weird for me, being in the key of A makes it a little more modal and dark, key of D = funky E=rockish, just because of how the fretboard is layed out, etc, but With no backing track just using a scale patern I dont think It would other than the fact that it is harder to bend as you get closer to the bridge or nut, and the frets get closer togather towards the bridge. Maybe that would make a diff.

Edit- sorry after reading you post again my response makes no sense, but I dont really understand your question. sorry.