my whole family chipped in and bought it for me as a gift for getting out of the hospital....its a 2007 gibson sg custom with emg's . what do you think, ,is it a good guitar or should i sell it and get a different one?
Looks cool, guess its really good too.. Try before you eventually sell it.
Depends what your into, i personally am not a fan of the sg series, but they do have a good sound. Fairly nice to play
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If you play metal, you would be an idiot to sell that thing. That is really hot. I would keep it anyways, even if that's not your main style of music, as it represents your familys love. I know if it were me in your situation I would keep it. To say to your family after they buy you a $2500 guitar, "you know what, this is ok" would be kind of offensive.
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looks very nice, but if u dont play metal or hard rock, the EMG's arent too great. especially not for clean tone. But try it before u sell it. and its a gift.
true ........i might a few months down the road.....i play black sabbath, metallica, stuff along those, so its great for iommi's , and james's too, i was in the hospital getting major wrist reconstruction.....i was at work and my boss slammed my wrist shut in the heavy freezer door and completey demolished my wrist....it sux, i can'tlay for 3-5 months. its alright though, i've only played guitar about 4 1/2 months, i can bulk up on theory.
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If you play metal, that's a great guitar. If not, change the pickups, and it'll still be great. Don't sell it.
Keep it no matter what. Just change the pickups if you don't like those, but thats a really nice body to be playing with.
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That's my dream guitar ......
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i love the emg's and i have an old pair of iommi humbuckers, never taken out of the case. so i have back up. thanx for the comments