are crafter guitars good....well the electric-acoustics?

ive looked throughout google and i cannot find that much info on them, so here i am again asking about a guitar lol.

the one i played, played nice but my mom wont let me get it without backed up proof that crafters are good and since they're made in asia i could not find a lot of things to back me up....
They're decent. Brilliant even if you have a taste for subtle abelone inlays. I have a GEA-08BK that I bought four and a half years ago and it proved to be very sturdy and reliable. I worked on a lot of broken down guitars during that time, but never on this one. The electronics are fine also.
I must admit, though, that every now and then I hear guitars in that price range that sound better than mine, but then I've also heard more expensive guitars sound worse.
Still I think they offer excellent value for money and better than average reliability.