Absolutely Beautiful,Mint Cond,24 fret Maple MoPearl Lighting Inlay*PICS*SkullTuners>

hey all,
I am selling this guitar neck.
It has 24 frets, Mother of Pearl Lightning Bolt Inlays, MINT condition, And Custum Skull + Cross Bone Machine Heads.
I bought this for my strat project but I went with the classic strat look and stuck with the orig neck.
This is Perfect For any one doing a Project or just wants to upgrade their guitar, because the neck has Never been drilled into as you can see from the pics, One of a Kind skull tuners you wont find these anywhere else, these arent locking tuners but it takes a locking nut, so no need to worry about tuning stability. These have been attached to the neck losely as you can see the screws in the pic, I will let the buyer attatch it properly, and also the Locking nut gap has not been screwed into either.
I am in England and I accept Paypal, am only interested:
In cash offers ( no trades )

Soon I will be on the trusted sellers list.

if i needed a neck i'd buy it, i don't think youll have much trouble selling it
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oh yeah some extra info;
The heel can be sanded down to fit any neck pocket,
It does have a black subtel black binding each side of the fretboard,
The skull's faces and bones are on each side of the peg ie look both ways,
and the arent any holes pre-screwed on the headstock.
if you weren't in england i would take it man!
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man, that neck is metal!!!!

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wow, that neck looks nice...

in no need of a neck though.

surely someone will buy it.

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you can get this same neck off ebay or a very similar one for considerably less than what your asking. You may want to lower your price,man.

If you cant sell it here, there is always good 'ol ebay!
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got them off ebay for £30 posted from canada a while back, said they were one off custum ect, I checked out the seller back ground and it wasnt a ebay shop jus some guy with quite a low feed back if i remember right, they wernt locking tuners but i knew i was going to put them on this neck which would have the locking top nut on it so i wouldnt need to worry about the tuning stability. I havnt tried this neck or the tuners on another guitar so i dont dont know how staybal the tuning would be on their own, but there pretty solid looking so I imagine that they would hold up pretty well on their own.
Seriously, £70 is waaay to much. You'd be lucky if you got £50.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
just seen one of these on ebay finish for £29 not delivered.(without tuners) and theres tuners that are the same on ebay for £10. £35 if i collected?

also wats the scale? and all the other measurements?


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replace the stars with bay and theres your link.

the heel measurements and nut measurements would be good.


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well, that neck has a rosewood fretboard, and no mother of pearl lightning inlays, which are the main, unique features of the neck i have, that one was waay more simple and the price represented that.
The measurements are:

Nut Width: 41mm
Base of the heel:57mm
^ but you can sand the base of the neck to fit any neck pocket, ie strat of whatever.

so, are you interested in buying the neck?

depending on how much you want yes. if its above £50 then no, i can have a custom one made to my exact specs for £75..so has to be cheaper thn what u originally wanted.

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