Hey all,

I was wondering how to get feedback on my amp, my amp is a small Marshall MG Series, and i have an epiphone copy, i have turned my gain up to the full on my distortion pedal, but stil cant get it, im aware i probably cant, just wondered if anyone knows another way.



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Stand near ya amp with your pick ups facing it.
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still doesnt work, perhaps my amp cant do it or would it be the guitar

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The amp has to be on a decent volume, and you should have the gain up a good amount, and then play anything with the guitars pickups facing the amp.
Its about where you stand in relation to the amps field. If you stand perfectly in the amps field, you'll get sweet feedback.

Turn up the amp loud, enable compression if you can on the pedal and turn up the pickups loud. If the pickups are sealed pickups, it would take a little more effort to get feedback.
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Walk near it with whichever pickup you are using aimed at the speaker. It will give you feedback...I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't?
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Well it has to be pretty loud to get feedback and with quite a bit of gain, get really close to the speaker as well
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