This is sort of a follow up to my RAT thread.

I am on a budget, and need cheap but good metal type distortion so I need lots and lots of gain for the Fender Champ 600. I don't want to replace the amp because I love it's cleans and OD, I am not necessarily looking for the best possible sound, just something thats reasonably good.

Also I don't want fuzz, I already have a muff. So I am looking for straight up distortion with good attack.

So I was thinking about these but I am not married to them:

Guyatone HD-2
Boss DS-1
Pocket Metal Muff (Nano)
I've heard good things about the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone.
Also maybe the Digitech Metal Master.
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Well I wouldn't call those cheap, If I was going to spend that much money, I would rather get a Sansamp GT2, but I really don't want to spend that much cash.

What about the Marshall JH-1?
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Boss MT-2's sound way to metallic and fake. Try the metal muff and a few others to see what you like
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Ok I have an Idea:

With the volume knobs on the Muff and TS9 at maximum I can get fairy good amount of distortion, but not quiet enough (I keep dist at zero on both)

If I simply got a volume boost pedal and cranked it along with the other two pedal I reckon I may be able to get enough distortion with just a boost pedal.

Will this work? Should I bother trying this?
Ok what if instead of a volume boost I use a metal muff and use it as a volume boost while keeping distortion at zero?

How well does the Mmuff clean up?
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I have a Marshall Guv'Nor Plus distortion going through my Fender FM212r and it's got an awesome metal sound when you turn the mids down real low and the treble up full (with the distortion on full and the bass/deep on middle)
That gives me a nice heavy distortion... then you can crank the mid up again and tweak some other settings to get a crunchy sound.

You might want to check one out, I'm not sure if its what you're after or if it's in your price range... I also have a Boss DS-1, and it's definitely one of my favourites... though I don't play metal, mostly funk and chili peppers kind of stuff...
I think the more you do a volume boost the more it will saturate, not necessarily a bad thing but maybe something like the Jekyll and Hyde od would be good. I've heard its good but i want to go try it out.