ESP LTD B-206 6-String Bass Guitar
ESP B-206 6-String Bass Guitar

Are these two basses the same, just different color? Does it matter, or are these basses are crap. They have good ratings or whatever, but how does it sound? Is this a good buy. I more interested in --
ESP LTD B-206 6-String Bass Guitar

I just wnat to know..
the LTD means that it's the affordable version, which in turn means lesser quality parts and such. unless someone wants to correct me on this.
mostly LTDs are the affordable ones, and regular ESPs are like Gibson or Fender American series. Prices seem to be similar to Fender Americans as well.
The B-206 SM is just the B-206 but with a Spalted maple top.

It's not really "better," it will prob have a slightly diff tone but not even that much.

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Oh... So thats bad? I don't want a ****ty bass.

Just because something is "affordable" doesn't mean it's "****ty."

ESP LTDs are actually pretty decent if you buy the higher priced ones.