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61 56%
7 6%
Only when it's.. "itchy" or in other words.. when the booger is big
41 38%
Voters: 109.
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who doesn't?



Everyone does, if someone says they don't, they're lying and need to be smacked upside the head.
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I do, but only if I'm able to wash my hands right aftaward, but when I was a lad I was cool about picking my nose when ever the hell I felt like.
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i dont........... i mean i did when i was a little kid..... but c'mon guys thats kinda disgusting use a tissue

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I only do when I can feel a bogey in there. Unfortunately I have a crappy nose so it happens quite a lot.
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^ No.

I'm WAAAY to lazy to get up and go find a tissue, pick and flick...easy as pie.

I never got what's so gross about it to people..
All Hail! The Kala-Kala Chieftain!
I dont. Though I do this kind of scratch thing with my knuckles.
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Everyone does, if someone says they don't, they're lying and need to be smacked upside the head.

You right, who doesn't?
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let's be honest here people. when you're not in public, and you have one of those hard pieces of mucus that won't come out with a good blow, you must pick it. i mean yes, you put it in the trash, and you wash your hands afterward, but you must pick it.
Hell yeah I do! My old lady hates getting to the lower shelves under the desk. She says she's afraid of my "booger farm" collapsing on her head.
I hate when it feels like something small and this huge one comes out.
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I have been eating my buggers ever since day one.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

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How 'bout when you get one with a hair attatched and you really have to tug? YOWWW!

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i had sex with abraham lincolns dog at the last supper

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