well i honestly dont know where to put this thread but o well.

But i dont kno if anyone else does this but basically you look up a song and you take the chords and play it more acoutically. Sorry if that seams confusing but I think you may know what i mean. But anyway i was wondering if anyone had a song they really like to play like that.
I don't, but if you like that kind of thing, try some rodrigo y gabriela's cover of metallica's Orion.
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I've never actually converted one myself, but those are the songs I prefer to play when I can find the tabs. I love acoustic versions of harder songs! I've been looking for the acoustic version of Lie To Me by 12 Stones most recently, so if anyone knows where I can find that tab I'd appreciate it!
I always like to play paranoid but really slow in the Key off Am maybe I will record it some time
oh yeah and I also heard a really cool acoustic version of psycho killer the other day