I was turned on when he pulled off the dress.
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and thus is why Jello Biafra is the greatest frontman in history.
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I don't think I am ready for his Jelly.
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I've been busy getting drunk and yelling at endangered species for being pussies. It's a dehydrating job but someone has to do it.
Anyone seen that video where Nirvana lipsync to their totp performance?

They totally ripped off this.

My favourite part is the fact that Ray is playing properly!

And the can can of course.
I thought Ray was
This is legend. Although I think I prefer the drunken SLF vid I posted in the other thread.
Super Leeds and Classy Cas!
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Hmmm... an interesting statement. please elaborate further...

lol i don wanan be a bitch its just, when it first started it sounded like it already fell apart.

and not in a good falling apart osund like, crappy falling apart.

i unno. it was good at the end but i'd re-re-record it
What's the story behind that video? I loved it.

I lol'd when D.H. kept pretending to play after the kit was trashed.