Hey I'm looking for a new guitar and need some help on where to start. I play in a reggae/jam band and do a lot of leads/solos but also just take it easy with some nice chords. I can afford any guitar under 1,000 dollars. If you want to hear a good example of the kind of music I play listen to the last song called Rainy Gutter Dub on www.purevolume.com/slimncappin
thanks so much in advance!
what kinda amp you got?

for reggae/jam band, i guess it should be a Les paul or an SG. strats and teles can be used also.
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How much you got to spend?
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you should get a LP..
an Epiphone LP i guess, because i doubd you could find a GibsonLP under 1000$
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0-999$ to spend

I have a marshal half stack - 120 watts
delay pedal
phaser stomp box
and a wah pedal

thanks for all the help so far
A Fender MIA strat, they can do anything and sounds really funky and handle distortion really nicely
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