So me and my friends have begun construction on a hut/smoking spot in the middle of a ravine in a forest. We're hoping to make this tall enough for someone to stand in the center of it and wide/long enough for 5 people to sit comfortably inside, as well as being generally insulated and waterproof. Does anyone know of any resources or have any experience that could aid us in building various woodland structures with nothing more then a small hatchet, some chicken wire, and whatever nature sees fit in giving us? We have no clue what we're doing.
Use a tent. ive smoked in those be4, theyre fun and little work to put up. besides, by the time u get done with that house in 2 years ull prolly be bored with weed anyway
Me and my mates built a den to smoke weed in but it was demolished by chavs about a year ago, it could not be brought back.

That could hold about 5 people in it comfortabley, it was pretty good actually.

You need the right wood, luckily for us where we built it their was no way anyone could see us unless they walked down a trecherous steep hill and loads of wood, plastic covers and lots of wood - Yes, we were lucky.

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Stop smoking and go inside
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do it boyscout style
with gay porn and a poster of Zach Efron in the hut
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do it boyscout style
with gay porn and a poster of Zach Efron in the hut