I'm trying to make a 90's/Modern rock playlist on Deezer, but I'm drawing a blank and can't think of any more bands right now. So just randomly post some good bands to refresh my memory.
cranberries, smashing pumpkins, eve 6, fastball, blues traveler, ...counting crows
The Police, The Madness
But you need to try this one
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Beautiful South <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Blind Melon, Gin Blossoms.
Washburn WI-64
Jackson DK2
Randall RM100C
Digitech RP200A
Digitech DF-7
Digitech Phase Shifter
Boss OS-2
Boss Bf-2
have you tried any of these bands?

* Cell Happiness
* Legion Moose
* Tron Of The Dollar
* Barbed Conscience
* Cork Elf
* Bizarre Outcast
* Tumor Of The Evermore
* Gray Sharp
* Ice-cold Cricket

All my personal favorites, i hope you like them and also check out

* Burst Camp
* Chartreuse Computer
* Dangerous Creation
* Delayed Finch
* Lake Strategy
* Flabby Ideal
* Lumpy Tragedy
* Fiend Of The Atrophy
* Pseudo Of The Tight
* Absolute Deal

some real genius there,
nirvana, pearl jam, soundgarden, alice in chains
lit, lessthanjake, incubus
rhcp, ratm, staind
lifehouse, fuel, bush