I know theres heaps of Metallica fans out there so my question to them is whats the no.1 Metallica song of all time?
if i had to pick one....i'd say Master Of Puppets, it has everything a metal song should have, AND Cliff Burton, but it's really hard to pick just one
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Me personally, it has to be "Fade to Black" as my favourite entire song but what really gets me and I think is like the best intro to a song is "Blackend"

Sends shivers up my spine.

In all seriousness, my faves dyers eve - such an awesome song (and from a great album)
Hmmm It's hard to choose just one... I love Ride the lightning, so I'm gonna go with that. but then the riffing in Fight Fire with Fire and Battery makes me try and think otherwise as to a best.