My school got a new band conductor, and this has changed my funding slightly. I was saving up for a new electric bass, but he's allowing me to play upright bass in jazz band, so I figured I'd save up for that and work on fixing my SX bass, which seems like it could be both fun and beneficial.

Anyway, it's 5-string fretless, so I was looking at some pickups to replace the cheap, ****ty soapbar pickups that came with it. I was looking at these:

(edit: also these: http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/basslines/progressive-1/sj56770_sj57074/)
I figured that would give me a nice slap tone (as good as it'll get on a fretless) and also allow me to use the bass for jazz/ska stuff. Aside from that, they're passive, which I'd like to stick to for now. Has anyone had experience with these pickups before? They seem like they'd be nice, though the site only seems to offer a neck pickup.

Also, is there anything I can do with the empty space in the body after swapping the pickups? Those are significantly smaller in height than the soapbar pickups that my bass has. Would any ol' wood filler work or do I need to be specific?

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Just save up for a new Electric Bass. It'll be cheaper and more worthwhile in the end.

New pickups can buy you a little new tone but will never replace the shoddy neck and feel your cheap bass has.

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No, I'm not really concerned with a new electric right now. Besides, I like the neck and it feels fine.
i forget the model numbers and all that, but i had some dimarzio's in my old sx jbass and they were awesome. all the local bands that i knew gigged with it, and i even sold it for more than i paid for it haha. check em out. i think they were less than $100 if i recall correctly.
Dimarzios are good

go for EMGs or dimarzios bartilinis are good too my friend has afretless warwick with MEC pickups in it and it sounds great so maybe you should get those
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