Hey guys. I've been scamming the forums for a few months off and on, checking out some of the other members' work, and a lot of it I like. But I figured I'd get some critique on the music for my band's first original "Breathing Is Harder Underwater."

I wouldn't say it's 100%. I'm still working on the verse lead. Also note the drum track - the bass drum and snare are accented. I like to hear em, and if I don't accent them it's hard for me to hear em :P.

anyway, lemme know what you think!

for anyone who is wondering, it isn't a virus, and it's a Guitar Pro 5 file, haha. As for the song, nice job. Seems like you put a lot of work into this. I could hear this being on the radio hahahaha, good job at making it mainstream. Lyrics yet?
Thanks a lot man! We've all put a lot of thought into it. THIS group has been together about 2 and a half months, after a few member changes and drama, and we've been working on this song for about 3 to 4 weeks ALWAYS finding ways to improve it. We didn't wanna write a half-written song like a lot of bands do, ya know? Especially where I live.. We're now working on the music for our 2nd original (untitled at the moment). We've been working on it for about a week so far. I've already started tabbing it out, so I'll post it whenever I finish it.

and ohh yeah, there are lyrics. I'm not sure if our singer would want me to release em though. The song is pretty much finished.

More criticism appreciated!

Wow xD
I really really liked this song.

That was extremely good

If/when you record it I'd love to hear it

There isn't much to crit, it's pretty much perfect.

If you wanna crit one of mine, I'd appreciate it

Can't wait for more songs

~Loki <3
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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Like the bass poet said, its really well done. not sure what I could crit about it heh.

its catchy, and I can definitely hear this reaching the more mainstream audience (that's not a bad thing at all, if its what you are going for / like to play :p)..

good job with it.. Go record it now! ^^

take a look at mine ? ..link in sig.. it seems like we kinda both got the same intro riff idea :p he he (but the songs develop way different !)
That was sweet, the main riff was catchy and interesting (the let ring one) but i cant help but feel it repeated alot. i know vocals usually sorts out repeatsing, but that repeated a bit part twice. i think maybe a solo someway i the first section before the soft vocals part would really spice it up and keep it fresh. the soft part was a nice change and so was the breakdown, but then it kinda just ended. maybe a small outro riff/lead to fade out would be a nice way to finish.

mind having alook at the bottom one in my sig?

Here are some MIDIs. One of Breathing Is Harder Underwater and one of our 2nd original that I'm working on. I didn't put the tab in with it because it's only like.. 70% finished, if that. There's a lot wrong with it right now, and a lot has been thrown in, but it's coming along! Then there's one more. This is quite old.. I didn't even remember I had it, but I really like it. It has an August Burns Red feel to it. This has a MIDI and a GP5 file.

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