I wanted to start some mods on my GRX40. Yes, this is the guitar that comes in the jumpstart package, but it is very good for the price.

First I want to know if someone can tell me if this guitar would fit an original stratocaster pickguard, because I'm thinking about changing all the electronics, and the pickups for a set of Fender Noiseless or American Strat Pickups but since those are SSS configurations and mine is SSH I'll have to change the pickguard.

Curious, it has HSH holes but comes with SSH pickups.

If you can take a look at the pictures, I'd say it has a "one-piece" body, what do you say?

And third, what do you think about "glueing" the neck to the body. I've heard you get a lot better sustain with that.

P.S.: Why are those holes in there??

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I'm not sure if a strat pickguard would fit on an RG I'd try to find a replacement RG pickguard with an SSS setup and work from there just to be safe.
As for the HSH routing, lots of top-routed guitars are done that way, I guess to make it easy to change from HSS to SSS / HSH / H-H / S-S / Whatever other combinations there are.
Not sure if it's a one peice... I think I may see a glue joint in there, but it's hard to tell.
And you can glue the neck to the body if you want, although you'll have to fill the old mounting holes, and you'll have a much harder time than just undoing four screws to take a set neck (glued in neck) off if you want to in the future..
I'm pretty sure those holes are to accomodate a replacement neck with 3-bolt tilt something mounting (not sure what it's properly called).
If I were you, I would change the pick ups and just make it an HSH. That's what I am thinking of doing to mine. Also replacing it with a 24 fret neck, sanding it, new color, and coat, make it thiner. Never know, it could be a really good guitar. It's already an Alder body, which is alright.
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I have that guitar, Strat pickguards won't fit, I made mine HSH.
I'm starting to think mines a counterfit or something... Mine has no serial number, a different bridge, a different neck plate, and I bought it without the package. Mine plays really nicly and I like it over most other (higher end) RGs but other GRX40s I'v played have sucked...