how do u mute the middle note in a power chord when moving up and down quickly?

I used my middle finger to mute in slow songs but finding it hard to mute the middle correctily for fast songs!!
What like this?


I use my index finger.
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^^ like he said. your index finger that is on the 5 you should bend down so it hite the middle note to stop it from ringing
Rose, I think what you're talking about is an octave, not a power chord. If it's what TSelman said, that would be an octave. As for muting that middle string, what I do is just lay the finger that's pressing down on the top string across it to mute it.
ow kie thankx. one more thing to check, what do finger do u use to play the 7th fret note?
press just hard enough to stop the string vibrating, but not hard enough that it touches a fret
Index finger on 5th fret, fourth finger on 7th fret
just go
[- - - xxx]

bar on 5
light press (like harmonic) on 6
3 finger on 7