Hey everyone,
I've been thinking about getting a Gretsch guitar, and I was hoping someone might be able to tell my about their Electromatic and Synchromatic series. In what ways (if any) are they different from stardard Gretsch's? Are they lower quality, or the same, or what. I'm assuming Synchromatic is lower quality, but I don't really know, and I'm not sure at all about Electromatic.
Also, if anyone has a Gretsch, how good are their pickups? And their pots? Are they good quality (on standard, Electromatic, Synchromatic) or would I need to swap them?
The one I was thinking about was the Double Jet. I was thinking Electromatic, but again I need to find out more about them.
i have a gretsch double jet electromatic w/o the bigsby. i love it but i kinda regret not having the bigsby.
I have sold several Gretsch Electromatics through my guitar shop. Specifically the 5125 and the 5129 models. I think they are the same except for the color. Both had Bigsbys.

The Electromatics line, I believe, are meant to be a more affordable line of Gretsch hollowbodies. By no means are they 'cheap' guitars. Both retail for $1200. I've seen them on Ebay for about half of that.

I really like them. They are built solid, the DeArmond single coils sound really good, and the finishes are done well. The electronics seem solid and the addition of a master volume on the lower bout is cool. The access to the upper frets is not that great, though, despite the single cutaway body. Not sure how much you'd be playing higher than the 15th fret, but it is a consideration. The Bigsby is cool. Mine wouldn't stay in tune that great when you really laid on it, but the strings were probably pretty dead.

I'd give it a thumbs up as an 'affordable' Gretsch model. Costs way less than the higher end Gretsches.