I have been looking into getting a new amp for awhile now and I think I have narrowed it down to an orange. I am thinking about either the rocker 30 or the rockerverb 50, right now I am kind of leaning towards the rocker 30. The reverb, fx loop and clean channel eq would be nice but I'm not sure it would be worth all the extra money. My band plays a lot of weezer/rhcp/radiohead/muse type stuff. I have tried out the rocker 30 and I really like it but I have a couple of questions:

1. I am going to be gigging with this amp. Should it be loud enough for most gigging situations? For those of you who own this amp, does the clean channel break up pretty early when you crank it? I tried it in the store but obviously I couldn't turn it up real loud. I want the cleans to sound clean at gigging volume. Should I think about the rockerverb 50 instead of the 30?

2. I like effects pedals... would not having an fx loop be a problem for me? I don't really want to pay $600 more for the rockerverb 50 unless I absolutely have to. Right now I have a
morley wah pedal, a keeley modded Ibanez TS-9, a Boss TU-2 tuner, and a Boss DD-20 delay. I'm also planning on adding a digitech whammy and an MXR phase 90. Will I lose a lot of tone from these? Is there anything I could do that would help? Like a true bypass looper from keeley or a boss noise suppressor or something?

3) I had another question but now I can't remember it... dang.
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Woooh, OK, I have this amp and have gigged with it:

1) I have gigged in 400 capacity rooms un-mic'ed at 5 on the volume. This is all the volume you will EVER need. It's so loud you won't need anything else. The clean starts to break at about 7.5 and becomes really full sounding there. After 4 on the clean it sounds really 3D and after 8, very ACDC with some nice humbuckers. Believe me, the cleans are clean at gigging volumes, especially as you will mostly be mic'ed.

The Rocker 50 has nicer cleans but the Rocker 30 has a nicer crunch.

2) The modulator pedals sound fine in the FX loop. Go onto the myspace link in my sig and listen to Lipstick Stains. I use my Russian Small Stone through my Rocker 30 and it sounds great. All pedals sound great infront of the amp and you lost very little, if anything, not having an FX loop.

Hope that helps mate.
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