I have bought a Crafter bowl backed acoustic off ebay (I don't have it yet). I'm just wondering if these are any good? I got it for quite a good price and i played one in a shop and i liked it but that was only brief. Still not sure about the whole plastic backed thing.
I really like my ovation. The only thing that sucks is if your are a fat kid like me, it tries to get away from you when you play standing up with a strap.
I'm pretty new to guitar, so don't just take MY opinion on this, but bowl backed acoustics aren't too bad. My friend has one and I've played it, it sounds fine. Unless you've been playing for a a long time and can hear tonal differences, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Plus, as long as you like the tone and feel, thats all that should really mater.
The ones I've played have sounded pretty mellow (I played fingerstyle though) and I'm a huge fan of bowlbacks. Never tried Crafter ones though. I've heard people complain about playing sitting down without a strap, but I was quite comfortable with it.
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Yeah, they sound great, but by the end of the song your trying to figure out why its laying in your lap....not annoying at all >.>

Sound wise they are beautiful