I know there are at least a few songs out there that have been made into rap songs. My brother was playing this one rap song with the same melody of "The Final Countdown" and I've heard Kirby rap before. In no way am I saying its the same exact song... it's just the same exact melody/backing track sort of thing. So do you guys know any of these song's names?
Diddy did a song that had Kashmir in it, there are a few others, that i can't remember, you could basically just look up almost any rap artist, they're guaranteed to have sampled at least one song at some point in their career
Eminem's "sing for the moment" has the guitar track from Aerosmith's "dream on" in it, and some of steven tylers vocals
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beastie boys no sleep till brookyln has a distorted guitar and another beastie boys song from the albulm license to ill has a led zeppelin riff in it,run dmc rock box has alot of guitar riffing in it,trickdaddy-lets go samples ozzys crazy train,
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i dont know about rap but RHCP's othersides been re-mixed by chavs

it makes me sad
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Raining Blood in Lil John's song Stop ****in With Me. It makes you fight when you here it.
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I've heard some remix of Iron Maidens "The Trooper" where the guy repeated the first half of the "chorus" lead (the hammer-on one) over and over and over....
Nevermind about that Kirby one... my friend just sent it to me, its a 20 clip of Drop it like its hot with Kirby put on top of it... But that Crazy Train one is pretty intense.
um, theres loads of hip-hop songs that sample other songs.

Ice ice baby sampled Queens under pressure

can i kick it sampled lou reeds take a walk on the wild side

three is the magic number sampled an old schoolhouse rock song

dangermouses grey album was made entirely of beatles samples and jay-Z acapellas.

Butterflys by crazy town sampled californication.

dude, theres thousands of them, i could go on all month.
listen to any hip-hop song from before 1995 (and many from after) and i pretty much guarantee that they will at least have sampled some obscure soul record.
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