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When need some songs to play
We've all been playing for 2 months.

No Green DayWe have 2 guitars

Damn, that only leaves about a million songs you could play now
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Just create your own songs?
try something nice and simple,
just if your playing covers for gods sake do not play sweet home alabama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just try some simple 4/4, 3 chord stuff. anything by the ramones is easy.
enter sandman without the solo? itll make you feel good!
just play music in the backround and pretend to play. then after the solo in whatever awsome non greenday song you decide to pretend to play just smash Both of your guitars on the ground and snort some cocaine. every band needs an attitude. it is much more important that being able to play songs

ps. dont really snort cocaine, that was a joke if you didnt catch it
they call og or nothing at all!!
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Ignore all these posts. Sell your guitars. Get dayjobs. Live the american dream!

whats the fun in that

it sounds like sombody dosnt play the guitar very well
they call og or nothing at all!!
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whats the fun in that

it sounds like sombody dosnt play the guitar very well

sounds like someones taking it too seriously lol j/k

uhh play attention by the academy is...

its simple and requires two guitars, but it requires drop d tuning

are you saying your band has 2 guitar players or your band is only two guitars?
nirvana songs are easy and they played live with 2 guitarists (think it was just kurt multitracking on the albums)
"Far Beyond the Sun" -yngwie malmsteen
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by two months do you mean you have all been playing your instruments for two months or have been a band for two months....
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Why are you asking us what to play? The only reason I can think of is getting people to like you because you are playing their favourite songs, SCREW 'EM! Play what YOU WANT not what everyone wants to hear. Unless you want to sell out yourself before you even get anywhere.

with that said...

Glasgow Kiss: John Petrucci
Anything from the first 3 Metallica Albums
You could cover some Maiden songs (pre 1999) 3rd guitar comes in there...
umm... just work on jamming skillz even, Dream theater writes all their stuff by just jamming. "someone comes in with an idea, or a riff, and we just jam on it" or something like that.


All the bands I was gonna recommend only use one guitar.

Two guitars... i dunno. Er. Songs are usually easy until the solo kicks in.

I would say For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica. It's a piece of piss and uses 2 axes.
talk to your friends/bandmates and if you don't know already what bands and songs all of you share a liking or interest in find out, then learn them. or write your own stuff.

with two guitars you could obviously have a lead and rhythm.
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"Far Beyond the Sun" -yngwie malmsteen

lol, i was looking through glanced and that then scrolled back up and looked again and started cracking up laughing and song wise, its hard to sugest stuff without knowing the type of music you play
Well, early Beatles stuff maybe?

Also, learn the first ten seconds of Freebird. But just those ten seconds. That way, you can get rid of those people who always call out to play Freebird. (my dad still gets touchy when you mention that song.....)