So, on Thursday I bought an Ibanez phat head distortion pedal. Been using it since then with a 9v adapter and having no problems at all. I also have a Zoom multi effects pedal, that I put batteries in. I've had the Zoom and the Ibanez hooked together with no problems at all.

So last night, I went and found another 9v adapter, and put it into the zoom. I only have two outlets (one for my amp, and the other for pedals), so I used an extension chord and the Ibanez pedal worked fine. The Zoom wouldn't turn on. So I changed the 9v adapters on them, and the Zoom pedal turned on, but the Ibanez didn't. So I figured, that the 9v I originally had on the Zoom wasn't working right. So I traded the 9vs again to just to see if they were still working, and this time my Ibanez wouldn't turn on. I put the working 9v on it, and it wouldn't turn on. Then I put the working 9v on the Zoom, and it won't turn on.

I went into my garage and found the volt detector thing, and the 9v is working perfectly.

So then I went back into my room, with a different 9v, and the pedals still didn't work. I then put batteries in them, the Zoom turned on, but the Ibanez isn't working STILL.

Anybody know anything I can try to get them to work? Is there some way that the 9v or the extension chord could have raped the internals of my pedals? It really pissed me off. I took the Ibanez to the music store, but they close at 5 on Saturdays and I didn't get there until 6.

Both pedals are 9 volt DC and I used 9 volt DC adapters on them.

Need help, not pity.
sometimes pedals need generic adapters...like boss pedals only work with boss adapters.check if theirs a warning on the pedal to only use a certain brand of adapters with the pedals.
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Yeah it does. That means I need to go find an Ibanez pedal and all will be sweet?

Or is my pedal screwed beyond repair and I need to hope the music shop puts pity on my soul.

I assume that the pedal also screwed up the AC adapter, because it won't work anymore.

At least that means my Zoom pedal isn't broken anymore, I'm going to go find another AC Adapter to be sure. The zoom doesn't have any warnings.

If thats true, then thats good news.

New Ibanez pedal = $50
New Zoom pedal = $100