is there a noticeable decrease in sound quality when taking fairly new strings off and putting them back on? and also is it a case of getting them back into the exact same position in order to keep the good sound, making it a difficult task?

also, i have a bass which was strung by whoever made it/set it up. the body has holes in the back to put the strings through but the person who strung it didnt use the holes and just put the string into the bridge so that the ball on the end of each string is just pressing up against a groove in the bridge holding them in. does that make a difference and is there an advantage to one method over the other? it seems like the bridge was made to allow for this method giving me the option to go either way and im thinking that if i keep it in the bridge maybe it gives longer sustain.

edit: actually now im thinking maybe through the body would give more sustain.
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string through the body would sound nicer, but make sure the strings are long enough to do that, you said you were putting them back on right? well if he cut them to fit the bridge, they might not be long enough to go through, or else you'll end up breaking them
ya i already thought about that so ill probably just leave them for now or put them back in the bridge the way they are now, if i take any of them off.

i think a noob mustve set up my bass or something. the neck sits flush with the pocket in the body but one side sticks up higher than the other so the part that hangs over the body is higher up on one side leaving a tapered gap. i think the neck is fine so the pocket probably needs to be sanded down a little but i dont know if its worth trying. would that affect the sound much if i worked on it to so that everything was flush (the neck already sits flush in the pocket)? the action at the bridge and the intonation should be able to accomodate the poor job on the neck (poor unless its meant to be like this, which i doubt).
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yea, and then next time you get new strings you can cut them long enough to string them through
How does string-through change the sound of your bass compared to just thru the bridge? any expert answers?
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