ok so i have p90's in my sg right now, and i might be wanting some humbuckers in em. im not positive im just thinking about it. i also might keep one p90 and only put in one humbucker opinions on this welcome. but i was wonder whawt are some good humbuckers. i dont think i want emg's cause i hear they sound the same in all guitars, and my friend just got a hellraiser with them and they arent taht great. so i was thinking of duncan or dimarzio. what are some good pups that i could get a slash tone. i dont really want like a super heavey sound, just some good distortion

1967 gibson sg special (p-90's)

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Slash-Burstbuckers i think. He used a 60's Les i think, so i think a Burstbucker neck would work. But do somehow keep a P-90. its a good idea i think.
Standard size humbuckers will not fit in place of the P90's. You would need to take out some more wood. That might be ok for the bridge but I wouldn't mess with the neck pickup. SG's already join neck and body pretty close. Taking out wood in that position could destabilize the neck, maybe make it break off. A luthier might be able to safely do it. There are some humbuckers that are made to fit in the same space, but you may not get the sound you want with them.