I just bought some recording equipment including a Behringer Xenyx 1222 mixer. I just wanted to get some nice sounding recordings and mess around a bit, but I'm new at this and I'm having problems. I can't seem to find a good tone. I play mostly metal, and the cleans sound great, but when i try to mic any overdriven tones, it sounds too broken up and does not sound "full" enough. Its like I'm recording a room with a mic in it rather than recording the actual sound, and I'm right up next to the speakers. I am most likely not using the mixer correctly, because it sounds no better than mic'ing the amp with a single computer mic (which obviously sounds like crap). I dont really understand what the TRIM function does, and I'm going to get really in-depth with the instructions tomorrow, but any help would be appreciated. Maybe I'm EQ'ing it incorrectly, or somethign else, but I'm trying to get a really good sounding "chug" on the lower end. Again, I play metal, so I'm looking for a really violent and in your face chug, rather than the sound I get now, which sounds more like I'm playing bassy static than palm muting. Thank you.

Also, I'm 14. I'm not a genius. I'm actually quite stupid. Try to explain it in a way I might understand. (This doesn't mean I know nothing)
EQ out the mids for the distorted guitars, and what microphone are you using, that could be the problem as well.
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I'm using Nady SP-5/Shure SM57's. The Nadys aren't the greatest but as I said before, I'm just doing this to mess around. Although at some point, I'm hoping to record our band all with this mixer, including drums. When you say EQ out the mids, should I EQ them out all the way? Should I do this on the amp, mixer, or both? When I play guitar, I usually use a fair amount of mids.