I'll start off with the usual life-story thing...
Been playing guitar for round 7-8 years now... In a band... we do gigs alot... etc.
I have alot of effects pedals (see my rig in my profile thing) and I have a Fender FM212r amp. It does the job but it's definitely gonna have to go sometime...
I want to replace it with a Marshall of some kind... 100watts, tube, all that...
But I don't know what to look for in terms of different sounds.

I play funk and some heavy stuff... I play stuff like Red Hot Chili Peppers (early stuff, like Blood sugar sex magik and uplift mofo party plan), Funkadelic/Parliament, Rage Against the Machine...
I love John Frusciante's tone but his amps are super expensive and hard to find so I was thinking maybe one of the JCM series or somethin?
I want to be able to use the drive channel on it to get that ballsy almost-clean kind of sound that Frusciante has when he plays then adding my Boss DS-1 for distortion boost but with a nice clean channel too...

What's a good Marshall stack that I might be interested in? I've tried a JCM900 once and it sounded like ****, but it was second hand and was going through a pretty **** looking cab...

someone here has a Marshall Amp guide, but I foget who..
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$2000 isnt gonna get you a very nice marshall half stack. expect to spend $2000 + for a decent head
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Wow thanks man this is great!
Looks like the TSL100 isn't as great all-round as the DSL100, yet the DSL100 is cheaper!
At GuitarWorld they say the retail price for DSL100 heads is $2,399 AUD, where the retail for TSL100 heads is $2,799 AUD!!
The DSL100 according to that table in the thread link you posted falls right in to my likings and my playing needs and the price is just right for my budget!

So, if that table is accurate, then looks like I might be heading for a DSL100 head and maybe a 1960 cab or somethin?