So after about a year of messing around with M-Audio's Fast Track, i'm looking to upgrade my recording device.

Firstly, my price range is around 100-200 $USD

Recently upgraded to a Condenser Mic, so Phantom power is a must

USB works, but firewire would be nice.

Would like to hook up my keyboard as well, so MIDI I/O is a must

48/24 is fine, but if 96/24 is available thats a bonus

Standard 1/4 ins ands outs , with one having a high impedance option

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated guys !
My advice would to check out Mackie. They do some very high end models, and their onix satellite is becoming increasingly prestigious.

Don't you have one thrice? I think it comes with software too...

A couple of points:
* There's no advantage of working in 96/24 unless you have very good equipment at each stage of the signal chain.

* Phantom power, I believe (correct me if I am wrong) requires XLR inputs on the audio interface to carry the 48v.

I'll be in touch, Agent Brain.
yep check into the Mackie Onyx Satellite
great interface with phantom power and loads of features.

great preamps
phantom power
2 channels
firewire connection
dual headphone jacks
loads of in and out ports
studio talk back to communicate with your artist. (if you are set up in a control room...)
best of all - it works with vista!

haha, my goal is to get one of these soon, its an awesome unit which sounds great. You will not b disappointed with it.
I just looked it up on google, but the Mackie website is crap.

How many tracks can you record simultaneously?
BTW, MF has a blem interface mackie you may be interested in
it works but may have a small scratch or be returned by a customer who was just trying it out.

they took about $50 off the price on it..great deal.

"8 inputs (2 active at any time) for connection of microphones, line sources, and instruments"
you can record two tracks at one time

"Bundled with Tracktion 2 software for complete recording solution"
Its not sonar or pro tools but its better than audacity
the mackie onyx satellite looks promising - now... only if it had midi i/o built in.