according to the description on stewmac, 6 of the strings go through the body and are tuned at the headstock as one would expect, however it says that the octave strings' tuning machines are at the butt of the guitar's body, with mounting holes and ferrules at the headstock. I understand how the octave strings would be attached at the headstock with the mounting holes and ferrules, but where do the tuners go? I don't really see how the tuning machines would be mounted without looking like crap, or without breaking laws of physics...
anyone ever used one of these bridges, or seen one used? I was interested because I don't like the look of 6x6 tuners on the headstock, but wanted a 12 string. This bridge would seem to fix that problem, unless it just makes it look ugly at the body...

6 strings mount through the wood on the body and other 6 strings directly on the metal bridge. It needs 12 tuners

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Yes, although it sounds like it's saying that you can have all 12 tuners on the headstock and mount the strings as you explained(I understand that part), but it also seems to say that all 12 tuners don't need to be at the headstock.
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This bridge also enables the use of six tuning machines at the guitar's headstock, and six tuners at the butt of the guitar body, reducing the weight at the headstock. Six octave string mounting holes must be drilled in the headstock, with ferrules installed.

From what I get out of that part of the description, 6 tuners are on the headstock and 6 are on the body. What I wanted to know is how and where the 6 on the body are mounted.

unless I'm totally reading it wrong and I'm just making an idiot out of myself (which is plausable, I'm pretty tired right now)
I think they're mounted at the very end of the body. Though I have seen guitars with slots in the body and the tuners were in the slots. Looked odd, but wicked at the same time.
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