A new song I made tonight. I was listening to Darkside of the Moon and wanted to make a floydish song and this is what I came up with. Made the lyrics up as I sang too

"Fall Behind"


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I like the way the vocals work with the instrumentation in the second half of the song. I think that weird reverse lead thing in the middle is really incongruous with the rest of the song. It just sounded like you found a cool sound and wanted to use it as much as possible. I did like the lead though, that sounded neat.

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I really dig this a lot, still needs more work, more tightening up, but other than that, I love songs like this. I love the progression its really unique, love the vibe, love it. Its simple, but good, love the tones, I wish there were drums in it, to add to the chill vibe, but its all good. I would definitely like to see this be worked on a bit more, and if you do, let me know. Great stuff. If you wanna crit my latest be my guest

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THATS really cool man! I like how much it reminded me of floyd and some beatles. Prob the backward guitar that reminded me of the beatles. if you spent time getting a tighter sound and put some bass and percussion on it it would sound even better. *high five man

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how do you record reverse guitar?

Normally you would use a pedal or something but what I did was I just used the reverse effect in Audacity.
I am the Infantry.