Okay, so I found this kid at a garage sale today who was selling a Mesa Boogie Mark IV amp for about $500. I told the kid to hold it since I was interested, and after looking it up, i checked out the specs and saw that its about 85W. And that's all tube, at least I think they mean that on the website. Now my question is what anyone's experiences have been with the amp, and if you guys think it was 85W tube. The second one sounds like a dumb question, but it really isn't that big of a combo amp. My friend's 40W Fender Hot Rod Reluxe almost dwarfs the thing but would have half the power. So anyway, there you go. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
how old is it? if you get it, i reccommend getting new tubes.
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get it, no question.
it definitely is 85 watts, although you can drop it all the way down to 15 or close. thats besides the point, because 500 picked up is a ridiculously good deal for it (as long as it works perfectly)
plus it will absolutely destroy the hot rod deluxe in terms of power and sound.
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Tell him to sell it to me. NOW!
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To be perfectly honest, I don't know how old it is, but he said he just got the tubes replaced. I have the guy's email so I'm gonna find out everything I need to know about it, like the kinds of tubes he's used, any problems, etc. And yes it is a Mark IV, I saw it on the face of the amp. I have heard nothing but great things about MBs, but I felt I needed to go straight to other guitarists for their feedback. WAY better than the retarded Crate amp he was selling
Buy it. Now.
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what the hell are you still doing here? go and see if the thing works properly and if so buy it immediately.
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I've had my Mark IV for 8 years. I'll never get rid of it. It's amazing. It's a loud amp, no question, and ridiculously flexible.
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wow, unless it completely doesn't work, that's a killer deal. In the US, anything under a grand is a decent deal used. They run about 1800+ new. It's a great amp man, I've owned one for a couple years now, and I keep finding things I like about it. I know guys that play blues and like it, and I know guys that play metal and like it. Doesn't matter how old it is, some people even prefer the oldest models that have the circuit A version. New tubes will make that amp sing again, the tranny's are built like tanks.

It has 30W, 50W, 70W, and 85W settings, and that's not including the tweed switch, which lowers internal voltage across the circuit to simulate a variac. You can run a combination of 6L6, 6L6 and EL34, or 6V6 in this amp. It will run in Class A for the lower wattage settings, or Simulclass when it's running all 4 tubes. Spring reverb, graphic eq that is foot switchable or auto per ch, and a bunch of different oush/pull tonal options for each of it's eq's. It does share the mid and bass settings for the R1 and R2 channel, but that's all, and they are voiced similar enough that it works fine that way. The lead channel has it's own complete eq. It also has an option for silent recording, there is a direct out that can go direct to pa or recorder, and it's activated by the master vol pull switch on the front, which also mutes the speaker. You still have to have a speaker load however.
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yeah, believe it. it has all that ^.

what an amazing deal. new costs $2000 just for the head. and $1950 for the combo without tax.
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Buy it immediately. Even if it doesn't work. There was a non-functioning Mark IV on eBay that went for $600 not too long ago. But you won't want to sell it because it's the best amp in existence.
£250 for a Mark IV????

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for the love of god man buy it right now. assuming it works, you could sell it on for double that, more than likely.
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Hell if it's the head version and in good condition, I'll buy it from you for close to 3x that. (seriously, PM me if you're selling)
Even if it doesn't work, you could mail it to mesa and get it working again for about $1,000 total, which is still a great deal for a Mk4
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