I was thinking to myself the other day, "I don't really learn any new songs any more!"... So I decided to come here and start a 'Tab of the week' thread

Here's how it will work:

*There will be three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
*Us UG'ers will suggest three songs for each category. (one post per person)
*First song to get 5 suggestions wins. (Only one song gets in per category)
*In the 'Cover Contest' Subforum I will make a 'TOTW' thread and you post up your covers

You don't have to enter a cover, but It should be fun to learn some new songs anyway.


Feel free to pm me.

EDIT: Songs will make it on the the first post once they get 2 votes... that way you can see the leaders
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Oops, I forgot to enter one!

1. Iron Maiden- The Prisoner
2. Metallica- Enter Sandman
3. Rise Against- injection

1. Black Label Society- Suicide Massiah
2. Children of Bodom- Hate me!
3. Iron Maiden- The Trooper

1. Children of Bodom- Lake Bodom
2. Children of Bodom- Needled 24/7
3. Dragonforce- Through the Fire and The Flames
sounds like a good idea, unfortunately im a beginner (basically) so i cant really suggest much =/
It's a good idea and has been tried before, but rather than doing the 5 votes thing I'd highly recommend just posting the ones you'd suggest as a TOTW because you'll be at the voting stage for about a month before you post something up if you wait.
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1. nothing else matters by Metallica
2. iron man by Black Sabbath
3. snowblind by Black Sabbath

1. dee by Randy Rhoads
2. back in black by AC/DC
3. black dog by Led Zeppelin

1. hey joe by Jimi Hendrix
2. master of puppets by Metallica
3. Arpeggios from hell by Yngwie Malmsteen

p.s. your idea is great!!!
lets make this a sticky!!!
Isn't there already something like this on the homepage? It says featured tabs, There is also a song of the month, here in the forum.