Ok... Ive been planning on saving money for one of the more expensive half-stacks along with a nice Gibson Les Paul Standard. My question is... which one is better for me out of these three?

Vintage Modern

I play a variety of music... ranging from 10 Years to Underoath to Cartel to Silverstein to various Christian Contemporary.

Also... Which cab should I get to go with it?

Thanks guys. All help is appreciated
Given the versatility and Midi capabilities of the JVM, I wouldn't fool with the other two.
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Check this chart it should be a lot of help

Also, stay away from the vintage modern, Marshall makes some other amps for the same price that sound better. To me it's just a marketing scheme.
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...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

the jcm 2000 isnt a good amp at all for the price....its way over priced...id say go with and orange rocker 30 or a jmc 800 if you can find an original