Hey, this is my first post here.

Does anyone else have the problem where as they're sliding across their strings (usually the GBe strings), their finger(s) feel like the string is rejecting them and the string is very hard to slide across? I know that's a bad definition, but that's the best I can explain it, really. Sliding is supposed to be a smooth process, but whenever I'm playing on the GBe strings, it's just not nearly as smooth as it should be.

My fingertips are usually somewhat moist (it drives me insane) so I'm guessing that this is the culprit. Does anyone have any suggestions for overcoming this problem? Are those Elixer Nanoweb strings a possible solution? Should I get some string cleaner to use after every time I play?

Help me out here, Ultimate-Guitar community.
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I sometimes have the same problem, but I use flatwounds so I have the problem on all of the strings. My solution was to strategically place a fan so that there's consistent airflow in the general direction of the fretboard in order to reduce sweat. Also change your strings often and wipe them down after every time you play.
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Change your strings maybe you haven't played the guitar in a while and the strings got rusty I know I've played on a few of my friends guitars like that.
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