I'm looking at ads and thinking that I might try to build a simple guitar, and I know to get a good tone, and sustain I need to use hardwood. Not some crappy pine. Now I'm a fan of heavy guitars. "I like to get a work out while I play", but I noticed the price of mahogony, and oak are the same at my local lumber dealer. Would I get a better sound from an Oak guitar? or is that just wrong?

Other question is, Is there a way to put like a crome style mirror finish on a guitar using paint? Due to the fact that I want to paint a bullseye style on my guitar, but have the odd circles mirrored. Then the even black. Possible? Or pipe dream?
mahogony is deffinitely your best choice as far as woods go, about the bullseye thing im pretty sure there are a couple threads about that on here somewhere
kk, I wasn't sure about the wood one. I've used a crome paint before. Was kinda weird. Just don't know if it'll come out good on wood. lol.
Poplar is a good cheap wood. And Alsa makes spraycan chrome paint.
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I would test the chrome paint on some scrapwood (mahogany would be best, obviously) before you acutally put it on your guitar so you can be sure it'll turn out the way you want it
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lol, Well I know popular is a nice cheap wood, but to sound odd. It is the same price as mahogany right now at my local dealer O.o. I think they are having a sale to get rid of excess stock so they can bring some new stuff in. Also the chrome paint isn't for the guitar I want to build. It'll be for the one I have. ^_^ So I'd want to test it first anyways.