I am a guitarist that has played for 13 years. I have practiced around 3-4 hours a day since I was 14, and I am 20 now. I have, in the past year, grown addicted to heavy metal because it involves nearly every technique and scale from blue, to classical.

Now comes my problem. Speed picking. I have worked and worked, but I really need some help. How do I hold the pick? Because I believe the way I am now is actually inhibiting my speed growth. Also, are there any good tabs, or songs, or workouts that can improve speed fairly quickly (I have been working at it for about a year and a half, so I am ready to start getting faster).

Another thing I am having trouble with is sweep arpeggios. I have the basics down, but I don't know how to get faster. I also have trouble with a lot of string noise and buzzing from them, i.e. they dont sound clear.

Another is improvising. What do I have to know. I can play just about all difficulties of rock and soloing. But I do not know how to create a solo around a base riff. I have been taking college courses in Music theory, but I really want some experienced guitar players to unlock the secrets of Improvisation and help me out.

Jeez, this was long. If anyone has advice, I would be grateful. Thanks for your time!
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Advance forum for your technique questions.

And its probably not a good idea to say one genre is better than another in UG. *hands guitar foo1!1 a flame shield*

For the improvising part:
Bass riffs are normally based around chords *normally*. Just find the chord the riiff is based around and play as if just the chord is played. It can get more technical than that, as in really analysing the riff and thinking what each note in key will sound over each note in the riff, harmonically.

The secret of improvisation? is there one? Most players here just learn an adequate amount of theory and then play what sounds best. Use your theory as a tool.
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know your scale shapes starting from at least root 5 and 6 and know your key signatures, figure out what key your base line is in or where it sneeks in notes that arent neceserally in the key, pay attention to all this and you will know what notes you can use without it sounding crap.
also for timing solos they usually go double time or triple time the bass rhythm.